Health Benefits of Eating Water Melon

Who doesn’t like watermelons? They are sweet, juicy, delicious, and beautiful looking fruit. How can anyone say no to them? Being a juicy and tasty fruit, it is very optimal for our health too. So, ladies and gentlemen, this article is all about the Benefits of WaterMelon.

I personally like this fruit very much which also gives me the idea for writing the health benefits of eating watermelon. Eating it will serve you a sense of joy and satisfaction. Also, it tastes best when served chilled during the summer’s afternoon.

So, without let you waiting here are. . .

Benefits of Eating WaterMelon

#1. loaded with lycopene:

Watermelon Juice
Watermelon Juice

Lycopene is an antioxidant that helps to clean our blood. Also, The beautiful red color of watermelon is due to this lycopene. Many research and studies show that it reduces the risk of different types of cancer including prostate, breast, and lungs mainly. Watermelon contains the highest levels of lycopene than any other fruit. 2 cups of watermelon contain 12.7 gms of lycopene. Whereas, guava and tomatoes contain 8.6gms and 2.2 gms respectively.

Water melon is a good source of lycopene antioxidants. And reduces the risk of getting cancer. One should try eating it often.

#2. Protects from Sunburn and Heat Stroke

Eating a watermelon or drinking it’s juice is one of the tastiest ways to beat the heat of summers. Also, it protects your body from sunburn and heat stroke up to some extent.

Watermelon Skincare
#Skin Care

Moreover, Consuming Water melon shields your skin from direct sun rays. The lycopene present in water melon make it less likely to get sunburned.

It’s a summer fruits to provide us enough hydration and protect us from the harshness of the weather.

 #3. Good For Your Eyes

We all know that how much vitamin A is essential for our eyes. Deficiency of this vitamin can cause night blindness or we could need spectacles to look through.

But what if I told you that eating water melon can also help you with your eyes. Yes, water melon are good for eyes as one slice of it contain around 10% of vitamin A you need each day.

Along with water and lycopene, it is a store house for vitamin A too. And we all know the importance of these types of nutrients. I would personally recommend you to consume more than half water melon by yourself once in a week at least.

Doing this will keep your body hydrated, protects you from sun and ease with your eyes too.

#4. Watermelons are good source of Vitamin C

Don’t just count citrus fruits as a source of Vitamin C. From now on add water melon into your list too. Yes . . . water Melon is also a great source of Vitamin C.

One wedge of a water melon contains 23mg of Vitamin C which is 30% of your daily requirement. Vitamin C plays a major role in keeping your eyes sharp, skin clear and healing your body.

#5. Make Your Heart Healthier

One more benefit of Watermelons is that it is rich in citrulline which is an amino acid that cleans your blood and lets it flow easily through arteries and veins.

Research have found that the phytonutrients in water melon makes the arteries flexible. Moreover, thanks to the lycopene found in it.

Studies shows that eating water melon can also reduce the risks of heart attacks. Hence this fruit is totally great for our heart.

Besides it is your responsibility to keep yourself healthier and happier. Eating water melon alone cannot do much. It’s just a fruit after all. You should do exercises, yoga or cardio to keep yourself healthy.

Also, don’t smoke or drink if you want to keep your heart healthy and away from disease.

#6. WaterMelon- Sweet Delicious Hydration:

Water melon is called water melon because they contain a lot of water. To your knowledge, It contains 92% of water. And not just water, it’s sweet, delicious, juicy and red also.

It is packed with a lot of other micro and macronutrients too that our body needs daily.

You may eat it raw, grind it make a juice, or in any other way. It always tastes best. It is the sweetest and delicious way to refuel your body with water.

In fact, every cell of the human body requires water so it is very essential to be hydrated to work efficiently. Deficiency of water can have adverse effects on our body.

#7 Take Care of your Skin

Vitamin A and Vitamin C are essential for our skin and hair. And both of these are found in watermelon in sufficient quantity. Vitamin C helps in making collagen that improves skin health.

Watermelon Face Mask
WaterMelon Face Mask

Also, watermelon masks are very effective on the skin. it’s mask can be prepared by taking water melon juice with the exact amount of curd( yogurt ) and mix well. Apply on the face and let it be for 10 minutes. Rinse and wash thoroughly.

#8. Boost Your Workout

As it is full of water it is a better source of hydrating the body along with lots of other micro-nutrients like potassium, zinc, and most importantly Amino Acids.

Having slices of watermelon before work-out won’t bother you much, even it will boost your workout as it is packed with micronutrients along with essential micronutrients and water.

#9. Water Melon as Healthy Dessert

Despite being eaten in the afternoon, it can still be consumed as a healthy dessert after a meal.

watermelon as dessert
Natural Sugar Dessert

Water melons have relatively low sugar if we compare them with general desserts. It is best for people who look after their sugar intake carefully. Moreover, it’s low in calories too.

Also, you can read my article on how much sugar you need. Read it here.

Water Melon is among one of the best fruits that exist on the planet. It is juicy and delicious. Its water content keeps us hydrated and acts as an electrolyte as it contains several nutrients.

I hope after reading this article your perception towards eating watermelon will shift positively. So, this was all about the benefits of watermelon. I will meet you guys in my next article.

Thanks for reading and Take Care.

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