9 Benefits Of Celibacy/Brahmacharya

Hi, You want to know about the Benefits of Celibacy. Let’s get straight into it.

Celibacy is a lifestyle of discipline.

As we have already discussed in our earlier post “What is Celibacy”.

The main aim of practicing Celibacy/Brahmacharya is to retain the semen within the body of a man.

 So here I am with the new post dedicated to the amazing “Benefits of Celibacy/Brahmacharya”.

There are several more amazing benefits present in the path of celibacy but here are some which could be experienced by almost every person who practices celibacy and try not to ejaculate for a noticeable duration.

#1. Increase in self-confidence

There is an automatic increase in self-confidence observed in the people who ejaculates very less or not at all. It is the first sign towards a better life ahead.

#2. Thoughts become clear

The thought process becomes absolutely clear and able to think more clear and creative. Brahmacharya removes the fog from the thinking part of brain to give a clear vision.

#3. Improved focus and concentration

Focus and concentration increases by multiple times after following Brahmacharya routine even for a short duration of time.

#4. Thinking switches to positive

Positive thoughts and clear thinking start generating in your mind which can be used in several fields of life.

#5. Skin become glowing and vibrant

It is observed that practicing celibacy provides a kind of vibrancy to the skin that makes the body to glow better than other people.

#6. Eyes started to sparkle

People who are following celibacy/Brahmacharya routines got an undefinable sparkle in their eyes which makes more attractive and gentle.

#7. Body needs less rest and sleep

Brahmacharya will transform you into a human who requires less rest and sleep than others and even with increased attention and focus.

#8. Digestion become perfect

Because of following Brahmacharya/celibacy our body becomes more active and all parts of body perform their function very accurately. As a result the digestion of food becomes properly provided the diet should be followed.

#9. Know yourself

Brahmacharya/ Celibacy allows you to spend more time with yourself and because of that you can know what you actually want from life and define a goal in order to achieve it.

….….. And several more.

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These all benefits work when celibacy is practiced properly with complete Saadhna (Concentration) and Nischaya (Determination).

Brahmacharya opens new dimensions of life for everyone who practices it.

And, it is important in the life of every person who wants to succeed in their life.

Also, it only teaches disciplines but defines life with the principle that helps in achieving success.

There exist some spiritual benefits also which are experienced by following Brahmacharya/Celibacy strictly.

“The benefits discussed above are worth to practice Celibacy”.

There are still some people who thought that why people celibate or give up experiencing pleasures for celibacy. Ultimately their whole point is that why people Celibate or follows Brahmacharya?

Why people Celibate? This answer is given in the next post. Click here to read.

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