Get Alpha Male Confidence Through Nofap

Hi guys I am back with a new article on the topic: Get Alpha Male Confidence Through Nofap. I hope you all are going good on a journey of nofap. So let’s get started.

You, me and every single boy out there knows how it feels just after we ejaculate. We feel low on energy and experience the guilt and shame for doing the same activity for which we are excited just a few moments before.

Everyone feel this kind of situation and guilt, every single time you fap.

How PMO Destroys Your Confidence?

How PMO Destroys confidence
How PMO Destroys Confidence

You start to deny all the important stuff before you, once you started watching it.

And, after the ejaculation, you lose interest in almost everything and just look for a place to sleep. This happens because you just lose a large amount of energy of your body through fapping to p*rn.

However, there isn’t much enthusiasm left for the chores to do. The rage of doing better has gone and you either would sleep or waste your time while lying in the bed with your phone in the hand, looking for some motivational stuff.

What you need to understand that at the end of the day, the external motivation vanishes, but the motivation that comes from within remains with you every time.

Hence, you need to stop being dependent on external sources of motivation to stop yourself from watching porn.

Here is How PMO Actually Destroys Your Confidence

First, while being low on energy, one can never be confidently express himself before others. Also, you can easily notice that you would start denying the work which is actually important. And after the time is gone, you would be worried about it.

Second, being highly addictive stuff converts you into a person who couldn’t resist himself watching it frequently. In short, it makes you an addict. It still runs into your brain while you are not watching it.

You still think and imagine it in real life, start to objectify others (especially women) which makes it harder for you to approach them. Obviously, it is a sign of low confidence.

Also, when you realize what have you done to yourself, you would probably feel there is no going back. And that’s where your confidence just shatters.

All the time which you could give to make yourself better is now flush down in the toilet along with tissues while you being busy pleasuring yourself with your hand.

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How Nofap Helps to Bring Confidence Back?

Studies proved, there is a deep relation between low dopamine levels and social anxiety, negative thoughts, depression, and low confidence.

Nofap bring Confidence
Nofap bring confidence

And, watching some hot videos on the internet highly elevates the dopamine levels in the brain.

However, once you take the nofap challenge your dopamine levels get restored to normal.  Not immediately, but it takes time.

For some, it may take, a month and for others, it may take 90 days. It depends upon the extent to which a person is addicted.

Once, you get the dopamine levels restored, you will feel a sense of happiness from within. You will face no more social anxiety or depression from all these videos.

Moreover, nofap challenge will convert you into a strong, attractive, and charming personality. All you have to do is to do exercise every single day for the best results to feel through nofap.

Also, you will be able to focus more on yourself and life.

All these small things with time build and boosts your confidence like never before. Try it yourself.

Doing PMO Can Make You Depress

There have been researches on this too. Yes . . . it has been proved through researches that watching P*rn and fapping to it causes depression.

Individuals who consume sensual content are found more depressed than those who don’t.

The question arises here is why do we watch Porn?

We usually all are introduced to watching it while we were teenagers. And mostly it is through our friends. We enjoyed it in the beginning and eventually became addict to it.

Eventually, we started watching it as a source of escape from our real life. But, after being driven by lust and doing PMO again we have to get back in our real life with all the problems which cause depression.

And to get away from this depression, we again watch p*rn. It is a vicious cycle in which it is difficult to find whether we watch porn because of depression or we feel depression because of watching it.

Watching bad stuff causes depression
watching Porn causes depression

A few people are ready to face their problems. Others simply just ignore it and found easy ways to get pleasure.

Although, the end result is that people who watch it frequently can be found depressed up to an extent.

According to psychology today:

People who consume porn daily deal more than just porn. They are suitable for experiencing depression. I am wondering if depressed people are more likely to watch porn to combat depression or if a person gets into depression with daily use? Either way, my research with over 400 people who voluntarily assessed me shows that people who regularly watch pornography are experiencing more depression than the general population.

The Bottom line on Nofap confidence

Practicing nofap can help you to rebuild and boost your confidence.

Also, It is very well explained above that how PMO (P*rn, M*sturbation, Orgasm) destroys your confidence and make you feel anxious among others.

Moreover, it messes up with the brain’s dopamine level that is not good.

And, Watching it frequently will surely turn you into an addict which is a reason enough for being depress.

Now, all these problems can be easily solved through nofap. Abstain yourself from watching it.

Quit Watching porn and Start living a  better life.

Thanks For Reading. Be Strong.

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  1. Yeah man this is very true . Every time I relapsed I was depressed, anxious and timid.I think that the world needs to be forced to know about No Fap!😅

    • Hi, Thanks for reading my blog.
      Even i also thinks that. I totally agree with your thoughts. I am trying my best to spread awareness about the nofap at my end. You can also help me by sharing the website or the particular article you liked to someone needy.

      Thanks again. It means a lot for me. I would be very happy if i could make a difference in anyone’s life on this earth.

  2. Its a new start for me my name is Dave , how are ya! … No fap works miracles and speaking of miracles my life has changed dramatically through this transitional period . In the past i was inconsistent with my healing and recovery . Recently i moved finally into my own house . I owe a huge amount of gratitude to the LDS church i attend . My faith has grown in great strides and its only getting better from here. Its a new start a new start to becoming my best self! I know in my heart the only hope for the world these last days is Jesus Christ our redeemer! . In my church we renew covenants and its refines us through the power of the atonement which is repentance . My future is as bright as my faith im only healing each day from 2 months ago doing the no fap consistently. Its honestly changed my life in so many ways . My perceptions have changed after over 25 years of damage! and all the suffering and struggle from the mental health system and other entities i finally get to shine! and feel alive! . Everyone deserves a second chance to shine and become there best selves , just believe in hope ,faith and the lord Jesus Christ! New start my story my life!


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