7 horrible mistakes you are making with your health

Mistakes that you make

In this article, I am presenting you guys 7 horrible mistakes you are making with your health.

Mistakes that are made daily along with ignoring health sometimes can have great consequences.

Health should be the priority of everyone and take care of. But small mistakes in daily routine can seriously affect your life and health.

So hello everyone, I am Anoop and you are reading menhealthblogs.com post- 7 horrible mistakes you are making with your health. Here it goes :

#1. Skipping meal

Skipping meals, especially breakfast is the biggest mistake which most of the people do in their daily life. This practice should be avoided and one should every day eat a healthy breakfast. There is a reason for calling breakfast, the most important meal of the day. It provides energy for working throughout the day. Even try not to skip any meal of the day otherwise, your body will start storing fat to use it later in producing energy while you skip meals. Yes, the same fat which makes you obese.

#2. Heavy dinner

In order to maintain a proper diet and health, the dinner should be light and the last meal of the day. According to your appetite, eat half stomach food in the night. Breakfast or lunch could be the heaviest meal of the day but dinner should not. It is because the digestion and other metabolic activities slow down during night hours. Also, heavy meals just before bed would lead to indigestion that will surely trouble the next day.

#3. Compromising Sleep

A girl Sleeping

Many of us didn’t consider the importance of sleep and compromise with other activities such as watching t.v. , finishing a web series, late-night calls, chats, games, etc. But we should understand the importance of sleep. Slacking in time of sleep is a very unhealthy practice for ourselves. Disturbing sleep patterns can cause mood swings, stress, weak memory, laziness during day time, etc. Which overall affects your health. Disturbing sleep patterns will disturb your concentration level.

#4. ignoring nature’s call

Holding on or resisting the urge to pass urine or waste from the body can be unhealthy for your body. It should be eliminated from the body, that Is why it’s called waste. Resisting it may cause the bladder to expand which can promote bacterial growth in the bladder. If bacterial growth exceeds, it seriously can affect the functioning of the kidney and leads to infection.

#5. not drinking enough water

Water in a glass

Water is an integral part of our body. Around 70% of our body is made up of water. So our body requires a sufficient amount of water to perform properly. Drink at least 8-10 glass of water in a day. You can drink more but 8-10 glass is necessary. Otherwise, you will feel low on energy, mood swings, etc. The best way to avoid dehydration is to keep a water bottle always with you and sip small amounts of water every few minutes.

#6. Spending all day indoors:

Many fellows spend their whole daylight hours into a room. They get busy with their work, play games, or just relaxing on the couch with their mobile in their hands and try to avoid going out. This type of behavior is not good for health. Exposing yourself to the sun is very good for your body as It gives Vitamin D. Walking outdoors in open would cut down daily stress level and feels refreshing. This causes mental balance and helps to think better for future life.

#7. ignoring mental health


This is the most common mistake that almost everyone do in their life “Ignoring mental health”. we certainly do things without even thinking that how it would affect our mental health. Mental health is equally as important as physical health. Try to maintain good mental health by consuming quality and positive content from the environment. Relax and meditate for a few minutes to calm the mind and to elevate mental health. Try to avoid annoying content that disturbs your mind and peace. Eat healthy food, try to stay calm, be positive in life in order to maintain good mental health. And yes, read something daily.


So, these were those 7 horrible mistakes you are making with yourself. Try to avoid these mistakes and live a better life with better health.

Health is a very precious gift that God has given us. Let’s not harm it and preserve it and collectively put efforts to make it better.

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I will meet you guys in my next post, till then be healthy and live life.

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