7 Day To Day Activities that affect our eyesight

There is no one in this world who would say that I don’t care about my eyes. Everybody cares about their eyes. But unfortunately, we do some activities in our day to day life that messes up with our eyes.

So, In this article, I am going to discuss the same Activities that affect our eyesight. Do you want to know? Then stick to the end.

Our Eyes are the precious gifts that we all have received from mother nature. And yet we take it for granted. Many of us aren’t thankful or wouldn’t even care about them. Our Eyes introduce us to the beauty of this world. Hence they should be taken care of.

The ability of our eye to see the outer world through the reflection of light is known as visual perception.

Our sense of vision is very useful to our bodies. In 2018 WHO found that about 285 million people lived with visual issues worldwide. 39 million were blind, 246 million had low vision. This is a major issue.

Today we easily can find at least one person in every family who is dealing with eyesight problems.

The question behind is that why these people facing eyesight issues or visual impairment?

In my opinion, there are mainly 2 reasons for a person having an eyesight issue.

First reason behind that can be genetic and the other one is because of daily routine activities that affect our eyesight. Genetic defects are natural and cannot be controlled but we can control the causes of the other reason.

Activities that affect our eyesight

#1. Staring at your smartphones or computer for a long time

Everybody needs a smartphone whether you are a child/job person/student/businessman/homemaker.

Workplace full of technology
#Workplace Full of Technology.

We need it because of the nature of our work or responsibility. Children who spent time on the games, students take classes on it, back to back presentations in business meetings.

Due to which they all face mild headache, redness, and irritation in the eye. We can’t change or replace the use but we surely can reduce the time spent in front of a computer or smartphones.

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 #2. Using your gadgets( smartphones) in dark

It is a very bad activity using the phone in the dark. The brightness that directly can harm our eyesight seriously. after working 8 hours in front of the computer and other screens. we still use our phone in the dark.

Using Phone in the dark
Using Phone In the dark

That’s why most people facing this issue at a younger age. Because the blue light emitted from it causes eye-straining, eye irritation, puffy or dry eyes. Now the question is how much brightness is ideal for your smartphone that doesn’t affect your eye? Medium or too low?

if you put too low or you need to focus more on your phone screen it can be the cause of your puffy eyes or headache. if you put too high it may cause short term issues like redness of your eyes.

Hence in my opinion avoid using mobile phones in the dark as it makes eyesight weak. Also using a phone in the dark is responsible for dark circles around the eyes. Which is a clear sign that this activity is messing up with the health of our eyes.

Always use your phone where light is present.

#3. Not taking proper diet

Your diet plays a crucial role in maintaining your health. Our eyes are a muscular part of our body. Tiny veins provide oxygen and nutrients to the retina. Besides, these veins are so small that fatty deposits can easily be the reason for the blockage of veins. Below I am sharing the list of food harmful for your eyes.

Avoid intake of white bread, pasta, jelly food, salad dressing, and food high in fats. However, you can replace this with some fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy veggies, lemon, food that rich with omega 3.

Also, Stop using margarine fats substitutes with some coconut, avocado, olive oils.

#4. Smoking

Although smoking is considered very dangerous for overall health as it increases the chances of cardiac arrest, stroke, and cancer. Moreover, the same habit is very harmful to eyesight too. The fact is that “The person who smokes, is four times more likely to lose their eye vision as compared to people who do not”.  It also can be a cause of age-related muscular degeneration, contracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy, and dry eyes syndrome.

How smoking can affect your eyesight?

Whenever you blink, your eyelids coat your eyes with a layer of tears. These keep out dust particles. The chemicals that are found in smoke can cause this layer to break down. Then when our eyes are not protected by tear shield and your eyes get hurt and irritated that affects eyesight.

#5. Rubbing your eyes

We generally rub our eyes randomly if we are suffering from cold, fever, feeling tired, etc. Doing this also affect our eyesight. Studies show that continuous eye rubbing can hurt the cornea and push forward and it becomes weaker and sharper. This disorder can affect eyesight. Instead of rubbing your eye, you can splash some water on your eyes it will give you instant relief.

#6. Not Using Eye Protection Gear

Eye Protection Gear
#Eye Protection Gear

This can be a major reason behind your weak eyesight and eye injuries. That’s is why wearing eye protection tools is essential for the safety of your precious eye. If you are making direct contact with chemicals, leaser rays, work with a particular filed of mines, blowing metals, working in health care laboratory, steward work, and animal care environment. These things can increase the risk of eye irritation. If you are working with the above-mentioned activities it is necessary to take special eye protection. So, you can reduce the risk of infection to both major or minor illnesses and injuries.

First, you need to use eye protection gear in your workplace or any infected area. second, you need to take your annual check from your doctor. Regular Eye checkups can prevent you from prior eye injuries, which you may not know can be a big reason for signs of serious eye conditions, like glaucoma. Use Sunglasses or goggle If you are going outside in the sunlight as it may affect your eyes too.

#7. Using  eye makeup

Many people do not believe that eye makeup can also affect our eyesight. But this is true.

Eye make Up can affect eyesight
#Applying Eye Makeup

Because whenever we apply any eye product, small chemical particle comes in contact with our eyes. The major problem is that it directly affects your cornea, and cause conjunctivitis allergic reactions.

Also, Try to avoid heavy makeup if you are wearing a contact lens.

The Bottom line:

Our eyes are precious to us. It helps us to see the beauty in this world. We shall not take it for granted. Many In this world are suffering from visual impairment. Hence if you have eyes and they are working properly, Be thankful to God and take care of them.

Avoid practicing that are explained above and take care of your eyes properly as it is among the most delicate and useful organ of the body.

I hope now you guys have learn about the activities that affect our eyesight.

Thanks For Reading. Stay Healthy. Be Strong.

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