7 Best Ways To Deal With Nofap Urges

On the demand of one of my readers, I write this post on 7 Best Ways To Deal With Nofap Urges.

Urges are the main reason for everyone for relapse. So, Is there a way to deal with them? Yes of course. Stick till the end and you will know.

Controlling Urges demands the highest level of Self-Discipline. It is not easy to take control over it but it is not that difficult as well.

Your Discipline will get you through this.

What are NoFap Urges?

Urges are the desires or you can say a strong feeling to do the same task from which you are resisting yourself which is fapping in the case of NoFap.

They hit hard when you try to quit po*n or any other type of addiction. Because of constant urges, a large section of our society is unable to free themselves from their addiction or bad habits.

Nofap Urges
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According to me, Urges hit hard to everyone and hit harder for those who are highly addicted.

Take urges in a positive way. If you are experiencing urges means you are into the rewiring phase. Your memories related to that content are fading away which is why you see visuals in your mind or in dreams.

Because the brain is processing and filtering your memory from those of bad stuff which is why you can have wet dreams also.

Also Experiencing urges means your Manhood is still alive which is a good sign for recovery.

There is no problem with urges, the problem starts when we react to the urges.

Learn how to control Nofap Urges and you will be an Unbeatable person who can achieve anything in his life.

Set your goals. Break them into smaller tasks and achieve it.

How to control NoFap Urges?

Many of us have sometimes face the urges and defeated by them. There is not a single person on this earth who have not relapsed due to his urges while doing NoFap.

But remember one more thing. Only the steps of failure lead to success. Also, these success stories tell us that it is possible for us humans to control our urges and we can rise above it too.

So here are the tips which I have listed some of my experience to handle the Nofap Urges.

Take a Cold Shower

Nofap Urges Cold Shower
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In my Experience, Cold Shower is one of the best ways to avoid urges.

Although If cold shower is not possible atleast splash some cold water on your face with it.

Doing this will not only distracts you from reacting to urges but also helps you to think clearly.

If you want urges to go away fast, Cold Shower is the key. Take a shower whenever you think you are losing a battle with Nofap Urges.

Read more about Cold Showers here.

Unfollow Hot Models from all Social Platform

Social Media Models
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Everyone wants to gain followers on social media platforms to gain popularity these days and what better than nudity to attract anyone.

Almost all models post semi-naked content on their walls. This acts as a trigger. I myself had fallen in this trap a couple of times and ended up having a relapse.

This goes like, you see an erotic image, you check the profile you see more. Now your brain will crave more and within minutes you will searching po*n on the internet and ended up having relapsed. This usually happens the night before sleep.

So make sure to unfollow all these provoking content. However, follow motivational sources on it.

Think about the benefits you will Gain

If you are doing NoFap then I am sure that you know about those several benefits you will gain after abstaining yourself from fapping.

Just think about all these benefits you will gain like physical toughness, deep voice, attractive personality, glowing skin, charming eyes, sharp mind, memory power, attraction from girls, and whatnot.

Think about the prize and all your problems will seems to be smaller before it.

Think about your goals, target, family, and ambitions. Thinking about this will surely take your urges away.

Leave the place immediately

This idea will work every single time. If you feel horny at a place just leave the place immediately. Go out and do distract yourself. Sit with parents or friends.

Your urges will automatically go away as soon as you move out. This work for me always.

Changing places will change the aura of energy. Try to seek positive vibes. It will be more helpful to you.

Meditation is a game changer

Meditation to control Nofap Urges
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Meditation is the only practice that is capable to uplift your life from this addiction. Practicing it daily for 10-20 minutes can prove to be a game-changer in your life.

It will boost your thinking process and provide inner peace. Through meditation, you can control urges or unnecessary thoughts.

Meditation while doing Nofap will take you to another level of calm and happiness. There are several other benefits of meditation. Read here.

Do Push-Ups or any other exercise

Push Ups to avoid Nofap Urges
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Start doing push-ups, squats of any other physical exercise the very moment you get the urge to fap.

Exercise will not only distract your mind but also contribute to overall physical fitness.

Just think that how much your physique will be improved if you do push up every time you get an urge.

Also, it’s not like you have done a few and then back to the same place where you were experiencing urge. Do push-ups until your erection and urge get back to normal.

And if not leave the place and move to another.

Socialize or call someone feel free to talk with

Socializing with your friends is the best distraction from the urge. If you can’t go to your friends then you can call them at least.

Call someone who will understand and have faith in you. Sharing your problems makes them half. Hence socializing can also be very helpful in dealing with urges during the Nofap journey.

If anyone is not there to help you, then you can contact me on my Instagram. I surely will reply and help you.

Bonus Points that will help you in NoFap Urges

Read Biography and other motivational content

One more additional point is you can read the biographies. Every time you get an urge read some pages and analyze the struggle in the author’s life.

Now think about your ambitions and goals. It will motivate you surely. For further motivation read motivational quotes, write them down and recite them.

Listen to good music

Listening to music can change the whole mood. You can listen to any music you want you to believe that it will distract you.

Otherwise motivational songs are there. Also, you can listen to podcasts or audiobooks.

I think these 7+2 tips will be enough to get rid of the urge. But you have to apply them strictly every time you get an urge.

My personal favorite is taking a cold shower. It feels really amazing after having a cold shower. Try it once at least.

The Bottom line on NoFap Urges

The main aim of this whole NoFap thing is to realize that we can live with watching it too. It is not healthy to watch po*n.

But your brain will force you to open up and just Fap. Remember you should not have to listen to your brain. This all is due the lack of dopamine.

To master Nofap you have to learn how to control your urges and the points above will help you surely.

Otherwise, I am always here. You can message me anytime or can put your queries in the comment section.

Thanks for reading. Be Strong.

7 thoughts on “7 Best Ways To Deal With Nofap Urges”

    • Hi David,
      Generally, if you have a habit of watching bad stuff and Fapping daily or in a couple of days, the first week would be full of urges for you. It is highly possible that you might fail within a week only because of urges. But if you are able to cross the first week clean, it means that you are ready for the next level. But this time you know how to handle those urges. For more you can take help of my blogs on nofap.

      Also remember that feeling urges is a good sign, it shows that your manhood is still alive. In only 2 cases you can get rid of urges. The First one is that you become so mentally so strong that you have raised your intellect so high that no average human can possess. And the second one is, you have entered in the flatline period where you find nothing exciting in life.

      So, just learn how to handle those urges. Life at your age will become boring if you


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