5 Simple Hacks to Recover Semen Loss from Body

There is a reason why semen is known as “Veerya” which means Vajra or Diamond. It is the last essence of the food that we eat and most people didn’t think twice before wasting it. Suffering from guilt, they search for hacks to recover semen loss from the body.

And then the cycle repeats. The problem is not within you, it’s in the routine and the exposure to the high-speed internet. Semen retention is a penance. One just can’t get harness the enjoyment hidden in it so easily.

Seldom does an individual retains his seed for several days within and one day, ejaculates. And just after that thoughts of guilt overpowers the thinking ability. Moreover, it makes to think that he has lost all the progress made so far in a single ejaculation.

Hacks to Recover Semen Loss

Well, it’s not like that, you just lose the progress of retaining 90 days of semen in 1 day after relapsing. Life is long and every day counts. From just one mistake, you just can’t lose yourself.

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It’s not like you have lost all of your progress but maybe for 3-10 days, you can feel the loss. So to avoid the low time in life here are the hacks that will surely help to recover semen loss.

1. Do Squats for More Semen Production

Squats for semen recovery
Squats for Recovery

Squats are one of the best exercises to train the lower body and the legs as well. However, I have seen many gym guys skip the legs day and substitute it with biceps or chest. People hardly put pressure on their legs while doing exercise whether at the gym or at home.

Trust me training your lower body will never disappoint in any aspect of physical fitness.

One of the biggest muscles in the body is present in the lower body. It supports the posture of the body and not only this, squats improve the quality of leg muscle but also helps in the secretion of testosterone.

Do as many squats as you can.

Also, higher testosterone level is directly linked to more semen production in the body. Hence it will help you to recover from the loss faster than expected.

However, exercise is overall necessary for the body but training especially the lower body will produce more life energy while retaining semen. And, harness this life energy in whichever field you want and enjoy life.

2. Consume Anti-Oxidant Food to Repossess Semen

Anti-Oxidants for recovery
#Anti-Oxidant is another best Option

The second hack, which I personally like is to consume food that contains anti-oxidants. Basically, Anti-oxidant neutralizes the effect of the free radical component in the body. Free radicals are responsible for the aging of the body.

And, the foods like raw vegetables, fruits, berries, green leafy vegetables, and much more help to overcome the effect of aging. Spinach is the best source of anti-oxidant.

Moreover, you can find the whole list of fruits and vegetables that are high in anti-oxidants on the internet. Make sure to give some space in your plate to these. Anti-Oxidants-rich food will help you to improve your overall looks.

You will feel more active and fresh the whole day.

Spinach hack for semen loss
#Spinach helps in semen loss recovery

Therefore, anti-oxidants help in maintaining the energy levels of the body that leads to the production of more life energy in the body. This life energy is required in the recovery from the loss.

Make sure to include green leafy vegetables in the diet and don’t forget the spinach. It contains so much nutrition for the body.

Hence I complete this point with the line that intaking anti-oxidants, will increase the recovery rate.

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3. Micronutrients ( Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin-D )

Zinc for semen loss recovery
#Micronutrients (Zinc, Magnesium, Phosphorus)

One more thing to keep in mind is to take micro-nutrients in the required quantity. Zinc(Zn) and Magnesium(Mg) are known to enhance the quality and count of sperms in the body.

There are various foods and vegetables that contain these nutrients. Some good sources of zinc are tofu, meat, whole grain, cereals, banana, and so on. You can search for it on the internet.

Otherwise, you can take tablets of zinc and magnesium after consulting a good doctor. These tablets would provide a sufficient amount of micro-nutrients to the body. As discussed above micro-nutrients helps in the growth of semen so it should be taken wisely.

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4. Focus Only on Food While Eating

Focus on food for recovery
#Feel your Food

It’s probably one of the most important disciplines/habits that one must apply in daily life. While having your meal, first pray for the food, show your gratitude towards God for providing the food on your table and just focus on your food.

First, Do not use your mobile or watch any screen while eating. Just focus on the food. Give proper attention to your food. After all, it is the food that will get converted into semen in your body. So, consume it with consciousness.

Do not make a hurry while eating. Learn and apply some food etiquettes for maximum benefit.

Semen loss recovery hacks
#Don’t use your phone while eating

Second, Eat it with love, chew It properly and swallow it properly. Don’t finish your food in hurry,  you should feel every bit of it. Thereafter, it is that food that will get converted into semen further.

Furthermore, One should try to establish a connection with the food they are going to eat. In Western countries forks and knives are used majorly while eating.

Whereas in Our Indian Culture, we eat the meal using our hands. We touch it, our fingers feel It and absorb it. It establishes more strong bonding with the food.

Again, No matter what culture you follow, if you are not thankful or eat it in a hurry or with indiscipline, it will not be going to give the maximum benefit.

Eating with proper discipline includes prayer, gratitude, attention to the food only. This method works at the subconscious level.

You may not experience these changes but at the internal level, It works. Just trust the process.

Moreover, believe that the food I am going to have will repair my body physically and mentally and give me the required strength.

5. Recite Positive Prayers

Praye for semen loss recovery
#Recite Positive Prayers and thoughts

I believe that you all may know how much our thoughts and thought process affects our life. If you think positively, it will happen. The same is with bad or negative thoughts, they will happen.

Pray to God that I feel sorry for my activity, please restore my vigor In the body. I am constantly trying to become a better person. Give me strength to overpower the urges.

Now, note that good thoughts and prayers will keep you on the right path. Reciting these prayers will surely make you walk on the right path towards your goal. just let it settle in the subconscious mind that I am recovering and producing good quality semen in my body.

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The down line is that this method only works on belief. If you believe in yourself and your prayers, it surely will help you recover the semen loss from the body may be faster than before.

Conclusion on Hacks to Recover Semen Loss

Never ever think that one day of relapse could take away all the benefits of retention. Surely the extent will be reduced but can never become zero. Try to find out the triggers that push you close to fapping. Find and eliminate them.

Never feel sorry for the loss. Forgive yourself and get back to the work.

Apply the hacks discussed above for the recovery of semen loss from the body.

  • Do as Many Squats you can do
  • Intake Anti-Oxidants for fast recovery
  • Consume Micronutrients too
  • Respect and Love the food you eat
  • Recite Prayers for yourself.

So these were some hacks that could recover semen loss from the body. it may take some time but surely does help you.

I hope you learn something new today.

Thanks for reading. Be strong.

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