5 Habits You Need To delete To Get Success at Nofap

Hello guys I am back with a new article this week on 5 habits you need to delete to get success at Nofap.

I read somewhere that our habits decide our future or destiny. If you want to transform yourself, you have to change, replace, or delete your habits to get success accordingly.

Most of us have started the journey of nofap in our lives and for those who didn’t, I would say: at least, give it a try. know more about Nofap here.

A lot of guys have started nofap journey but they cannot manage to reach upto a remarkable streak. This happens all because of your some habits that leads you to fail at nofap every single time.

Be aware of that!

The main purpose of writing this article is to shed some light on these bad habits that lead to a fail Nofap journey. Especially, I myself had realized about the last habit after a couple of relapses. So make sure you stick to the end.

Also, I am damn sure that after deleting these habits your average streak will definitely get increased itself. All you have to do is to analyze these habits and delete from your daily routine or schedule.

So let’s dive right into it.

5 Habits That Need To Delete

#1. Social media and cellphones

Smart Phone and Social Media
Cell Phones and Social Media Can Give you Urges.

Today’s social media is full of naked, semi-naked, and appealing content that arise the feeling of desire or I say act as a trigger to go back to your room with earphones plugged in and just watch it. Within no time you would be searching for next-level pleasures through incognito mode.

See, the relation between phone and social media is like an eye and sleep. You just cannot use one without the other. I know. . . you can but without social media, cellphones are watch which allows you to call someone. Nothing more.

Using cell phones has become an irreplaceable habit. You just cannot imagine anything in the replacement of a smartphone. All I am saying Is to delete your social media for 30 days along with minimizing the usage of smartphones.

The point is what actually smartphone gives? Notifications . . . right ! these notifications actually a very small pocket of dopamine which your brain needs as if you are on Nofap. All you will look for comments likes etc. This releases the required dopamine. However, in no time, you will waste a lot of time checking on those notifications and may end up with a relapse.

Avoid using social media and dating apps on your phone. Mute the notifications and minimize your daily screen time.

#2. Consuming junk food

Eating junk food and not working out is one of the common mistakes that almost everyone does.

Junk Food habit you need to delete
Consuming Junk food will Make you feel lathargic.

During Nofap your brain is going through a rewiring phase. Also, Nofap heals your body and recovers the emotional, mental, and physical loss that watching bad stuff has made to you.

Your body requires quality nutrition in order to do that.

When you eat junk food, say a burger or pizza with cheese dripping from it. You may feel amazing but at the same time, you will feel lethargic.

However, the way you feel inside is a direct reflection of how you react in the world. You will feel super lazy. And when you feel lazy you know how to get pleasures easily with minimum efforts.

This is because working out daily or at least 3-5 times a week is necessary for the journey of NoFap if you want to last longer.

#3. Procrastination

Procrastination habit you need to delete
Procrastination will lead you to relapse.

This point is going to be a little more interesting so read it carefully. When you procrastinate things and stuff, you are left with a lot of free time.

This time is enough to feel bored, which is the biggest trigger ever could be in the journey of Nofap. Whenever you feel bored you need something to fill your time with. A lot of times it is video games, a lot of times numbing yourself with social media like which we discussed in point 1 but another way is watching p*rn. Right!

Moreover, the chances of relapse shifts to maximum when you feel bored or alone. In order to avoid this, you have to delete the habit of procrastination.

Procrastinating things means you are not okay with the present moments.  

Let me help you guys to get relieve from this habit. In order to end procrastination, you must have to organize your day the night before or in the early morning.

Make a list of stuff and organize them in such a way that you will complete each and every task present on the list. However, make sure that you put a limited number of tasks. Otherwise, you will get bored this way too.

#4. Sleep

The fourth habit that is making Nofap harder for you and makes you struggle so much more is your sleep and sleeping patterns.

Sleeping habits
You should Take Proper Sleep.

We undervalue that how actually important is sleeping in our life. Now if you are having 8-9 hours of sleep and still feeling tired in the morning it may be due to a couple of reasons.

One of the biggest reasons is, you probably be looking at a screen of the phone, t.v., computer, etc. One hour before going to bed. This messes a  lot with the health of our eyes.

Most guys said to me that they feel urges at night and they can’t help themselves and falls prey to these urges.

You know what does it means? It means you have not worked the full day with your whole potential. Otherwise, you would have been exhausted and experience good sleep.

One more reason is that you are using your phone while laying in bed for a long time during the night. You are just distracting yourself, giving dopamine shots to your brain through social media, eating junk food, not working at your full potential, etc. You will gonna have this energy because you didn’t use it well throughout the day.

The key to tackling all this to put aside your phone and other gadgets 1-2 hours before going to bed. Repeat this for one week and I can assure you that you will feel incredible the next morning when you wake up.

Moreover, the quality of your sleep will be improved.

#5. Isolation

The fifth habit is more of a behavioral thing which is “isolation“. People who fall prey to p*rn addiction are more likely to isolate themselves. They avoid socializing and going out.

Isolation should be avoided during Nofap

Now when you isolate yourself you start to feel lonely, anxious, and maybe depressed. Because these are the symptoms of a fapper.

However, when you isolate yourself, there are possibilities that you will find an escape from reality by watching it (p*rn).

Hence it is super important to call, meet, or socialize with people who care about you. If you lock yourself in a room. Your self-confidence will go down and You will start to feel anxious.

Because no one is going to keep an eye on you during isolation. You may end up relapsing multiple times.

I myself have figured this out after a couple of relapses. But now I go out daily. Meet people. Sit with my family. All good. Moreover, My streak is intact.

The bottom line:

A small change In habit practiced continuously may end up revealing big victory. Habits are an important part of one’s life.

You will achieve success or not is decided by the types of habits you possess. In order to achieve success in nofap, you must adopt some good habits.

More importantly, you have to eliminate or replace the bad habits that act as obstacles in the journey of Nofap. This article was about the 5 habits that you must delete.

1. Social media and cellphones

2. Eating junk food and not working out

3. Procrastination

4. Sleep

5. Isolation

These habits are interconnected and eventually connected to the Nofap journey. However, Make sure you read each and every detail provided in this article about the habits.(1)

So these were the 5 habits that must be deleted to get success at Nofap.

Thanks for reading. Be healthy. Be strong.

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