Abodes of Lust: 5 Places of Lust In Human

Hello readers, I am back with a new article on 5 abodes of lust and ways to kill it.

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There is a point in the Mahabharata, where the great Archer “ Arjuna” asks the “Lord Krishna” that what kind of emotion unintentionally makes us do sinful or wrong activities?

The thing is we don’t want to repeat that activity, but still, somehow we execute it. Moreover, a lot of people say that we didn’t want that to happen but we did it. And we know that it was wrong but still we did it for the pleasure of a couple of seconds.

So what emotion is it that makes us do that?

And then Lord Krishna answered that the emotion is Lust. And to attain enlightenment while living on this earth, one must kill the Lust and Lustful thoughts from within.

Lust is a powerful emotion that encourages the feeling of doing something inappropriate in terms of celibacy.

Moreover, lust can be considered a powerful enemy. It has the power to get over with the intelligence and control it.

The main target of lust is our senses, the mind, and intelligence. Lust overpowers the target to bribe with the short-term pleasure it gets after the work is done.

After overpowering its target, lust through senses and thoughts overpowers the consciousness of a person and brings us to attract more toward lustful desires.

The enemy(lust) has different strategic positions in the body and therefore lord Krishna has given hints of those places in Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta so that if you want to win over the enemy, you know where to find it. So here are the 5 Abodes of Lust where it resides

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5 Places Where Lust Resides

1. Mind

lust controls the brain
Brain is among the first abodes of lust

The human mind is the center of all activities that go throughout the body. Because of which the lust always tries to overpower the mind through lustful activities.

He who can control his mind would never face any trouble from lust. And this can be done through powerful mind activities such as meditation.

Practicing meditation will help you to get success in a celibacy lifestyle. Also, lust could never trouble you if you can control your activities. Meditation is like the primary activity in Celibacy. It will let you take control of your mind and body.

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2. Senses

Senses abodes of lust
Lust Overpowers the Senses of the human body

The next place where lust resides in the human body is the senses. As a result along with the mind, now senses become the repositories of lust. There are the main 5 senses which give the input of the outer world to the brain.

The mind will pull the senses towards lustful activities once it gets dominated by lust. Hence here is your second chance to save yourself from lust and maintain your celibacy (brahmacharya).

Take full control of all the senses. I know it would be not possible for many among us who are reading but still, a little effort would be appreciated.

Senses are the most vulnerable entity in the body of a human as it gives us the sensation of the surrounding. So it is highly important to control our senses.

In order to not get controlled by lust and to kill it, one must have to regulate the senses. Only then you would be able to get victory over lust.

Otherwise, you would regret doing the lustful activities once you get your consciousness back.

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3. Intelligence

Lust kills intelligence
Next Abodes is the intelligence of the human mind

The third place where lust can reside is intelligence. Sometimes the lust becomes so powerful that along with the mind and senses it overpowers the intelligence also.

The only one can guide the human in daily life: Either lust or intelligence.

The intelligence of human beings is what makes us stand on top of all the creatures in this world. The human species are the most intelligent species in the world.

Through our intelligence we expand our existence, we established civilizations, we grew crops, bred animals for our own benefit, and whatnot.

This all was possible due to the level of intelligence gifted to us by the nature. But unfortunately, nowadays we human beings use this highly constructive intelligence to produce and consume the wrongdoings.

Hence it is very important to focus our intelligence on tasks that contributes towards a better life. And specifically not on such activities that make us more greedy or develop lustful thoughts.

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4. Material

Lust lies in material things
Lust lies in material things

Being Materialistic in nature is a form of lust. Lust is the appetite that is maybe for the person or the objects. However,  a person sunk in the lust treats even human as an object which he wants to get in his real life.

People who value material/objects in their life more than anything else cannot attain spirituality. In order to become a spiritual person, the sacrifice of material love is to be done. You know, one can get nothing without losing.

I have seen people go blind in the lust of getting the best object/apparel/materials/etc.  These people only believe in taking rather than giving.

Hence the more one would be attracted towards the physical material, the more lustful he becomes.

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5. Ego

Egoistic Lust
Ego Lust

It probably should be the first point on this list. Ego is the topmost favorable place, Where the lust resides. Apart from all the 4 places “Ego” is where the emotion of lust resides the most.

Ego is directly connected to being selfishness and boasting. Every “Egoitic” person would be involved in “I”. I am this. . . . I am that. . .  I have this . . .  I have that.

That “ I ”  in the life of a human being is considered as Ego and Pride. A Prideful person cannot control his anger. Thus, it becomes lust to take control over it.

Lust has such a great influence on Ego, you can get an idea from this, the Mind along with senses and intelligence performs daily tasks. And if lust could influence them more than ego, there would be no good activities performed by us as lust is already there.

But this actually did not happen. Our mind, Senses, and intelligence are almost free from lust, the main place is the EGO.

Once Ego is overpowered, it drags the mind and orders the senses and intelligence to perform the sinful activities.

The Bottom Line:

Hence in order to become a spiritual being, One must Lose or control the Ego. It is the root of most of the problems. Mind your Ego to avoid lust and lustful activities.

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