3 Things You Should Know While Doing Nofap

Most of Us are struggling to achieve 90 days of NoFap. Here are the 3 things you should know while doing Nofap to get success in nofap.

In this article, I am going to share the 3 most important things that you guys must know while doing Nofap and achieve success in it.

Nofap is the hardest form of self-discipline. It requires a lot of determination and self-control. But all these are worth it when you cross the 90-day mark.

Look, most of us have tried to practice this Nofap thing once in our lives and we all know how hard it is.

For instance, I will give you some statistics on Nofap in case if you don’t know. Only 4% of men around the world get over with this P*rn Addiction. And only around 20% of men reach up to 90-day mark.

I hope this gives an idea about the level of difficulty of practicing Nofap. I am not saying that it is super difficult that you must fail it, but I am here to tell you guys that if you want to promote yourself in life and maintain a remarkable streak on Nofap, then you must know these things.

Although it totally depends on how one discipline himself. Only knowing these 3 things won’t get you through, but the implementation will.

However, avoiding these things surely will let you down in the journey soon. Hence let’s dive in and explore them out.

3 Things You Should Know While Doing NoFap

#1. Edging is the End of NoFap

Thing to Know Peeking or Edging is Not Allowed
Edging Or Peeking is not allowed in NoFap because you will ultimately relapse.

If you edge ( watch P*rn for short time ) on Nofap, then you may consider yourself out of the track and streak. Because edging is like poison to the streak. After having it your streak will not survive.

One must be extra careful while doing Nofap, only because edging for a couple of moments may convert into binge watch and relapse ultimately.

Because of this, I would highly recommend you quit the habit of edging while doing Nofap. Otherwise, it would be more difficult and the benefits of nofap will also get diminished.

You won’t be able to experience the benefits of Nofap to its full potential.

One more reason due to which edging is dangerous that it makes you think why you are doing this NoFap whereas you can enjoy watching p*rn and all daily.

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Edging will never let you get out of this addiction. It will make you fail several times unnecessarily.

The point is our brain wants dopamine which is released in small pockets while we do edging. Because of which it becomes nearly impossible to keep the streak intact while edging. Sooner or later it is going to break and the only reason this time would be edging.

And wooosh… you have to start again from Day 0.

#2. Healthy Diet and Exercise is necessary

Things to know - Exercise and Diet
Exercise Is Necessary In NoFap Along with Healthy Diet

A healthy diet followed by an en effective exercise routine will enhance the quality and experience of this Nofap journey. You should work out daily, practice some yoga, pranayam, jogging, etc.

No matter which day you are, daily exercise is necessary to channelize the sexual energy to other different parts of the body.

Also, eating unhealthy food will result in unwanted urges that may lead to Nofap relapse. A simple healthy diet would be great for the body.

A healthy diet would be easy to digest and will provide the nutrition required by the body. Whereas, unhealthy or junk food would require more time to digest. Which means the body has to work more on it.

Before you start Nofap you must know that you have to work daily on your body through workout, yoga or other exercises, etc.

Also, a good diet will provide physical and mental stability which you need the most during the journey.

Don’t take this point lightly, otherwise, you would fail the journey several times.

I have written a dedicated article on Nofap Diet. Check that also. You can get an idea of what type of food suits best in Nofap.

The key is if you want to sustain for long in Nofap streak, try to eat simple and healthy food.

#3. Control over NoFap urges

Things to know- Constant Meditation
Constant Meditation will get you through the Nofap 90 day journey

As I said, practicing Nofap is one of the hardest forms of self-discipline for an addict. And the thing which makes it harder is the urges to fap.

This is probably the most important among 3 things you should know while doing Nofap. Getting control over urges is still a challenge for many Fapstronaut.

Feeling of an urge to fap is the biggest reason to fail in nofap. The more addicted the person to P*rn the more urges he feels.

The only way to control or avoid the urges is a meditation for at least 15-20 minutes a day. Constant meditation will clear the brain fog and let you have control over your thoughts and body.

Whenever you feel urges just focus on the positive sides and benefits of Nofap you would achieve after completing it. Hence it would be easier to fight back with the urges.

Moreover, there are several other ways to control or avoid urges such as push-ups, cold showers, meditation, music, etc. Click here to know more ways.

Remember that our brain will try to trick us with these urges in order to get a dopamine shot. But it is your consciousness that will help you to face these urges.

There is a simple rule of meditation, “do it for as long as you are” which means if you are of 20 then you should daily meditate for 20 minutes. Follow this rule and more than half your journey will go in ease.

Also, don’t underestimate these urges. If you didn’t handle them correctly then in no time you would be searching something in incognito mode believe me!

The Conclusion

Through this article, I want to share 3 important things you should know while doing Nofap. Treat these 3 things as a universal truth. Anyone who learns and applies these 3 things will surely enhance his streak up to remarkable days.

The 3 things are followed:

1. Edging is the end of Nofap

You should seriously avoid edging. Otherwise your streak would be in danger. Do not watch any erotic content during Nofap.

2. Healthy diet and exercise is necessary

Daily exercise will help you to release the sexual tension developed during the Nofap journey. You can work out, practice yoga, anything. But just do physical work.

3. Control over Nofap Urges

One can gain control over urges by constant meditation. It will help you to get through the strongest urges. Meditation is like fuel for your determination. One should practice it daily to succeed in Nofap.

So, these were the 3 things that you must know while doing nofap. I hope I have cleared my point to you guys.

But if any query is left simply use the comments section to ask. I would love to hear from you guys.

Thanks for reading. Be strong.

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