3 Simple Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone: Habits to Increase T-Levels

Some of you readers are still requesting to write an informational post on ways to naturally boost your testosterone. So here It is.

If you are finding ways to naturally boost your testosterone, then my friend you landed on the right page. Make sure you read this till last for better understanding.

Testosterone is Dropping?

Dropping Testosterone in body
testosterone dropping in body

If you notice generously many millennials and young guys are struggling with their testosterone levels. The levels of testosterone are dropping across the world in men (talking about the average) due to poor lifestyle, food quality, and the most crucial is due to stress.

Stress raises the cortisol level in the body that leads to several other problems in the body. We will cover that in some other topic for sure.

Consequently men these days are struggling and experiencing low T levels (testosterone levels) along with an increase in anxiety, depression than ever before.

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Role of Testosterone in the Human Body

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the body of humans especially in men if we talk in terms of manhood. The male hormone or testosterone is responsible for several changes that take place inside the body of male during puberty.

The same changes are carried in the females during puberty but with the hormone called estrogen. Although testosterone is found in females too, In a very small quantity.

Role of Testosterone In body
Role of testosterone

Testosterone is responsible for

  • Burning Fat
  • Building Muscles
  • Strengthening Bones
  • Makes you confident
  • Dominant
  • Feel you horny
  • Manliness
  • Development of genitals
  • Production of quality sperms
  • Overall development of body

And several others.

Unfortunately low levels of T in the body does the exact opposite of the points listed.

However, Levels of testosterone in the body should be maintained like other hormones. Imbalances in the T levels can cause complications in life and the body as well.

Can you Take Control of Testosterone Production in the body?

Here the good news is that by taking control of your life, you can actually maintain a good level of T hormone in the body.

All you have to do is to hold the steering of life consciously and turn it in the direction where it leads to self-improvement.

If I would say it more accurately, adjusting and changing some lifestyle habits can significantly impact levels of testosterone.

As of which some minor changes in lifestyle would drive the result for sure. These minor changes will be some of the habits that literally boost up the production of T levels in the body.

Habits to Increase Testosterone
Habits to Increase Testosterone

Habits that you can develop to boost up your testosterone naturally:

  • Sleep Enough
  • Cut out fake food from the diet
  • Consume Organic Food
  • Clean Water is vital
  • Proper Rest
  • Reduce Stress as much as possible

Try out these in your daily life routine and feel the results. Also, remember that nothing comes easy and overnight.

Apart from that, here are the 3 ways to naturally boost your testosterone levels.

 3 Ways to Naturally Boost Testosterone

Filter your Water

Drinking clean water is essential for the body. It is one of the basic human necessities. Good Clean water is very crucial for the body. Do anything you can to filter out the chemicals and to get good clean water.

Filter your water

You may be amazed to know that drinking water that supplies to our houses have dissolved halogens ( Fluorides, chlorides, etc.) in it. Filter out these in order to make your endocrine system functions better.

Research has also been done related to the fact Does Fluorides affects Testosterone with age specificity? and the result of the research was clear at the end of the article published.

The results supported the fact that exposure to fluorides affects Testosterone levels in the body. These chemicals both impact your T levels and can cause Infertility.

Also, there are some websites including Reddit which says that in some countries fluorides are mixed in water intentionally to control people. Here’s how. Studies show that fluorides make you dumb and docile. And dumb people can be controlled easily.

I will not go further deep in this as it’s not our primary focus for this topic but still here is the link of the study if you are interested click here to read about this theory on the internet.

Do Squats & Deadlifts Often

The Lower part of the body is associated mainly with the production of Testosterone in the body. Interestingly, squats and deadlifts can naturally boost your testosterone.

Lift weight
Lift Some Weight to Uplift Testosterone Level

Resistance training such as sit-ups, squats, cardio are some of the best type of exercises to naturally boost testosterone.

One thing to keep in mind that your legs and back have the largest muscles in the body. Working out on these specific muscles with squats or lifts 2-3 times a week will force your muscle to grow through protein synthesis and eventually explode T-Levels.

Also, exercise is the most effective way to deal with many life-style based problems.

Consume more Fat, Protein and Carbs.

What you eat becomes important in the case of testosterone production. A sufficient amount of protein will help in weight loss, muscle building that is associated with testosterone.

However, healthy fats are also helpful in maintaining T-Levels optimum. You need cholesterol to produce T-Hormone. Therefore, combining good high calories based foods with carbs supports healthy testosterone.

Healthy Food Habits
Healthy Food

Bonus Tip: Get more Micro-Nutrients like Zinc, Magnesium and Potassium into your diet. However micronutrients are well known to support and boost the production of Testosterone.

Micronutrients should be part of your daily routine diet as they keep your immune system strong. I have written a whole blog post on micronutrients. Here is the link.

Summary on Ways to Naturally Boost your Testosterone

Testosterone is important in the body for the proper functioning of it during adult age especially. The average levels of T are decreasing in men due to hectic modern lifestyle.

So here are the 3 simple ways to naturally boost your testosterone which I explained above.

  • Drink Clean Water
  • Do Squats and Dead Lifts. Basically, train your lower body too.
  • Eat more protein, fats, and carbs. A good healthy diet is needed.

Here is the key takeaway, if you are still reading this. Even though testosterone is being impacted globally due to hectic life routine, chemicals, and disempowerment; you still have to power in your hands to take charge of your hormones.

Gathering detailed information of what you are consuming and how would it affect the body and combining it with healthy choices such as choosing fruit juice over drinks, vegetables over a cheesy burger, etc can bring your Testosterone to healthy levels.

Thanks For Reading. Be Strong.

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