3 Scientific Benefits of Nofap: 90 days Challenge

Hey, what’s up? I am hoping that you guys are reading this because you all have to do something about the nofap 90 days challenge!

Which is a very good thing. Keep it up. Exercise, motivate yourself, meditate and you will just pass through these days easily.

Also, be determined to your goal of not watching bad stuff on the internet. Keep your focus laser-sharp to become a better person.

I know you all have heard about the nofap and its benefits, but here are the 3 scientific fact and benefits that you everyone could feel.

So let’s get started.

So many new people in this challenging claim that they are not able to experience any kind of benefit after doing several days of nofap and they leave it.

The first thing is it takes time for our brain to rewire. It’s not a single-night process. However, it takes weeks, sometimes months to rewire the brain to get rid of all these sexual thoughts every single time.

Moreover, the realization of benefits depends on the extent of how much one was addicted.  It surely would take time for an addicted guy.

And, the second thing is quitting nofap and watching p*rn again ain’t gonna make you better. You are doing exactly the same as you were before.

Hence, if you want to become better you should keep practicing it for at least 90 days. Leaving is not an option If you want to transform yourself.

3 Scientific Benefits of Doing Nofap 90 days Challenge

1. Lots of Time

Boldly, one thing I am sure about is if you quit your habit of watching sensual content on the internet and start practicing nofap, you will have a lot of time in your pocket left enough for reading, workout, preparing well food, hobbies, and explore yourself.

Look I did some digging and found that an average porn session on the website pornhub is about 10 mins and 34 seconds.

Average duration of session
Average Session

Now also consider that people go where they get some privacy, setting up the place, cleaning up everything in the end.

Let’s say conservatively that the average session has now become of 30 mins including everything. And an average guy has 2 sessions per week, which means 240 minutes per month, or 2880 minutes per year or 48 hours per year.

This simply means 2 full days in a single year of doing your thing.

And now you could use these several hours in hitting the gym, working out, meditation, reading books, training, completing courses, etc. Simply do something which is self-productive.

Be Determined to Nofap
Be Determined

See, by fapping especially watching porn what you actually do is waste a lot of time in areas of your life that you can develop and make yourself worth living better than the rest.

2. Regulate Dopamine Levels in Brain

Just in case, if you don’t know about dopamine, it is a chemical in your brain that releases to make you feel good. Also known as “Feel good hormone”.

It is released as incentive or kind of reward when you experience joy and happiness in doing something.

Caution: Our brain becomes addicted to this dopamine release and hence rushes us to do the things that release dopamine in the brain.

However, 50% of our dopamine receptors are activated when we are hungry for food and eat the tastiest meal. Although,  100% dopamine receptors get activated when we are involved in sex or intimidating activities.

And when the brain gets dopamine in such a large quantity by doing little or no work, say watching a porn video, it reduces the amount of release for that particular activity.

Let’s understand this by example.

Say your first time watching it and the dopamine release was 100% because it was a new activity for the very first time.

Dopamine release in brain
Regulate dopamine in bain

But now, when you repeat it, the brain knows it is not a new kind of experience anymore hence it releases dopamine but in quantity, less than 100% (say 75-80%) and this goes on decreasing with every time you watch it again or practice the same activity again and again.

This is why you need more novelty each time to get things working. Whether it’s in images, videos, scenes, etc. Which actually binds you to the habit of fapping frequently.

The guy who fap frequently are depleting the released quantity of dopamine in the brain and this is because they don’t try to get new experiences in life.

An addict will not experience that much dopamine while talking to women or girl or while doing something different in life. The particular reason for that is he just imbalances the release of dopamine levels in the brain.

And these levels could be restored by doing nofap. Learn how to cross a week on nofap. Click here.

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3. Mental Health or Self-Esteem

The final benefit of the article: 3 scientific benefits of nofap is good mental health and self-esteem. A survey was conducted of 450 people and ask questions about how frequently they watched bad stuff on the internet and their mental health.

However, It was shocking to know that above25% of people view pornography daily. And 30% of people watch it 3-5 times a week.

The majority of the population who watch it that much falls under the category of moderate level depression scoring about 6.5 on a particular scale to measure depression levels.

The fact here is the more you wish to watch porn, the more isolated you become. You started to stay alone and that’s where the depression kicks in.

The scenario here is either you are depressed because you watch porn or you watch porn because you are depressed.

It is a vicious cycle. Pornography and Depression are due to each other.

Another big reason is that it affects your self-esteem, especially in bed. The particular reason for that could be the same expectations from your partner as you saw in those visuals.

One raises the bar of expectation so high after watching it that he is not able to match the level of actors in those videos and lose their self-esteem.

Also, this behavior highly affects the sexual life of a couple. When you compare yourself with the people in porn, you will feel less motivated and more anxious may be depressed while doing it in real life.

In my opinion, stop watching these bad stuffs as soon as possible to save yourself from humility and shattering self-confidence.

The Bottom line From Men Health Blogs

Personally, not watching porn for a long time has changed my life positively. Now I easily manage several chores that I have to do in the whole day and I still feel energetic at the end of the day.

As I don’t waste my time watching all these kinds of stuff so I save a lot of time during the whole day and eventually in the whole month and use it in reading books and developing myself.

Also, I can think more wisely and clearly after starting my nofap journey. Hence just leave the habit of watching it.

So in short here are the 3 scientific benefits of doing nofap

  1. You save a lot of time.
  2. Regulate the dopamine levels.
  3. Good mental health and self-esteem.

Can I still masturbate but not watch porn?

Honestly, I don’t see a problem with that.  Yes, you can masturbate but not watch porn. I think that porn is the real enemy and not masturbation. But, if you could try to control the habit of watching porn you could control masturbating too.

And with this bottom line, I am ending this article here. If you guys still have any suggestions or doubts, ask me in the comment section.

Thanks for reading guys. Be Strong.

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